Clothes and shoes for school

Once children start school, the result for the parents the problem, what clothing is suitable for this purpose. It was usually quite simple in kindergarten. Sometimes there are real disputes about whether the thin summer dress in winter or in summer the thick thermal pants can be dressed.Clothes for the first years of school have to be practical, clean and well maintained.

Otherwise, it sometimes is problem. Of course, some schools have a dress code.In school, the children have to sit a lot for the first time. Clothes should be neither too tight nor too loose, because children do not feel well.During the breaks, the children must be able to move freely on the swings or other entertainment venues in the school yard. The clothes must be chosen so that it does not restrict them.

Expensive brand clothing is not suitable for attending school for this reason. Winters can be very cold and very warm in the classrooms. The so-called “onion tactic” is a perfect decision.

Children’s shoes

Which shoes are the best solution, you can find quite simple. Let your child stand on a piece of cardboard and draw on the foot outline. At the longest you still have 12mm added expect to 17mm, then you have the ideal length. The extra space in the shoe is divided into a linear and growth chamber, whereby the former is 6 to 9 millimetres in size, and supports the proper movement of the foot. However, the growth chamber serves as a reserve for the growing foot. The finished template you can cut out and put in to buying shoes now.

Fits the template easily inside without being too small, so the shoe is perfectly sitting on the child’s foot. Contrary to popular belief it is not enough, however, to press when trying on clothes with the thumb on the toe, because children often withdraw their toes reflexively. The choice of footwear should be done very carefully. Never forget that comfortable shoes are essential for the health of the child.